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SellerDeck is a leading e-commerce website design agency that can help you design, build and grow your online store.  Our design, development and marketing team will work with you to create a website that is as unique as your business.
We are specialists in growing online businesses and experts in ecommerce. We have over twenty years market experience and have enabled out customers to make over £11 billion transactions.

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Our range of expert services to help your buiness evolve and succeed

With evolve we wiill help you make more sales by being meaningfully different to your competition


SellerDeck Ignite is a range of traffic and revenue generation services for online businesses offered by SellerDeck.


We will work with you to cultivate a new design and identify the ideal technology platform.


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Cloud-based e-commerce that is powerful, flexible and built around you.

SellerDeck’s cloud-based ecommerce platform is designed for growing businesses who want to stay ahead of their competition. Our approach is to take a proven market-leading open-source technology platform (Magento) and use it as the foundation of a bespoke ecommerce project, which is tailored and customised to your specific requirements.

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Hugh Gibson

After a 1st Class Honours degree in Computer Science at ANU (Canberra) I worked for various companies in the UK. I started with hardware and software, but turned to software and have been developing applications for Windows since version 2. I’ve been involved with SellerDeck from the very early days; took a break for a while but returned in 2011.

I’ve been CTO since 2012. I enjoy taking the long view on projects, but also love coding. Making things faster is particularly satisfying.

Developers telework at SellerDeck, so I get to walk in the Lake District at weekends as I live close by. The downside is having to schlep down to West Byfleet every month or so for face-to-face meetings.

Phil Rothwell

I have been working in the IT sector since 1984 after I completed my engineering degree at Birmingham University. My first job was developing and deploying CADCAM systems into engineering companies and I set up my first business when I was 27, developing specialist applications for mechanical engineers in C, LISP and FoxBASE.

After a rocky start, my first enterprise went quite well, but I didn’t really enjoy it. So after taking a career break, I got involved as a journalist and editor of number of specialist IT magazines, which was enormous fun. In 1997, I was introduced to Actinic (now SellerDeck) through a friend, moved into sales and then helped Chris and the other founders to get the company up and running. Within three years we had become the UK market leader and the rest, as they say, is history.

Today as MD of SellerDeck, I am responsible for running the company and ultimately have to make the key decisions. It all sounds very grand, but the truth is that without my co-directors, management team and staff, the business would go nowhere; their input in the company’s strategy and operations is a critical success factor.

Working with people who are similarly enthusiastic about ecommerce, online marketing and digital analytics and helping SellerDeck customers to grow their businesses. SellerDeck is a great company, but I would be the first to admit that we are not perfect. However, we are always determined to do the right thing by our customers and employees, which is important to me.

I enjoy chilling out with my family, though to be frank our cat can be a bit annoying. I am also a keen cyclist and enjoy programming and data analysis, which I guess makes me a bit of a nerd as well.

Oliver Pennack

I have been working at sellerdeck since January 2016, I would consider it to be the start of my career in the IT industry. I was a student before coming here and I had a couple of choice changes as to where I wanted to go, before I realised I wanted to do IT, nabbing myself a double diploma on the way out.

When I joined sellerdeck I started as a technical support analyst, however I have gained the responsibility of sales technical analyst.

My favourite thing about working at sellerdeck is its atmosphere, we always have smiles on our faces and we all enjoy doing what we do.

My hobby is sailing; I’ve got a family boat which we take out every other weekend and we hit the channel. What I don’t like is chilli.

And the reason my bike is in the photo is because I cycle a lot, and it’s something that is important to me.

Steve Wardell

I’ve worked for SellerDeck since 2005 as Services Manager, responsible for our various services such as hosting and payments. I also play a role in our various client projects and internal systems projects.

Before SellerDeck I worked in Supply Chain systems for various companies in different management and client facing roles working with many big name clients over a 15 year period.

I have a degree in Information Systems and Computer Science

In my spare time I am a keen photographer and GT sportscar racing enthusiast. I ride a mountain bike, trying not to get myself killed. I’m also a keen amateur weather forecaster and astronomer, though both suffer due to a lack of free time. I used to enjoy climbing and mountaineering and probably still would given the chance and at least 3 extra lives.

Married with four kids from 9 to 16, 2 boys and 2 girls.

Tim Pritchard

I’m Tim and I work in the ignite department for Sellerdeck, focussing on e-mail marketing, content creation and data analysis. I started adult life as a musician and joined the long list of ‘nearly made its’ in my mid-twenties. I subsequently worked incredible hard to get where I am now and I’m proud to call myself an expert in ecommerce. Away from work I am a comedy loving space nerd (thus the Buzz Aldrin Simpsons figurine) and English Heritage member. I have dabbled in stand-up comedy and written a few short films. I am also an actor with an ‘Official Selection’ award from a film festival in LA!

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